Proposal for the 2016 Pilot Study: Voting with Their Feet and Wallet

The ANES traditionally asks about several forms of political participation and election involvement— such as wearing a campaign button and contacting an elected official. Nevertheless, new technologies and a polarized political climate present myriad ways for politically interested citizens to articulate and act on their preferences. One understudied modern form inflatable games for sale of political participation is political consumerism—or the practice or buying or boycotting certain goods or services for political reasons. In analysis of data from the 2014 CCES, we find that such behaviors are relatively common—approximately 40% of Americans engage in one or both activities. Given the prevalence of these activities, we propose to add to the 2016 Pilot Study questions that measure these behaviors as well as the attitudes and opinions that underlie these behaviors.

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Proposal for the 2016 Pilot Study: Voting with Their Feet and Wallet

  1. Shelley Boulianne

    I think the proposed questions are very interesting, particularly opinions about corporations’ roles in elections and the potential reactions to these roles with boycotts or buycotts. Why focus on those specific corporations? Have Costco/Starbucks/Coors been overtly involved in elections? Have they expressed a preference for a specific party? It would be great to see more discussion of this line of questions. The other questions are clearly justified.

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