Proposal for the 2016 Time Series: Issue Salience, Ownership, and Cross-Pressures in the American Electorate

There has been a surge of interest in the estimation of voter positions in ideological space in recent years. Some of this work uses the familiar liberal-conservative dimension to model voter ideal points (Abramowitz and Saunders, 2008; Jessee, 2009; Hare, 2015), while other work expands the ideological space to encompass multiple policy dimensions (Treier and Hillygus, 2009; Carmines, Ensley and Wagner, 2012; Lupton, Myers and Thornton, 2015). At inflatable slide for sale the same time, there has also been a resurgence of work on the role of policy cross-pressures in the American electorate (Hillygus and Shields, 2008). As the parties move farther apart on the liberal-conservative spectrum, cross- pressured voters|those who pair left-wing economic positions with right-wing social attitudes and vice versa|face a starker choice between the two primary issue dimensions in American politics.

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