Proposal for the 2016 Time Series: Proposal to Drop the Follow-up to the ANES “Duty to Vote” Question for Some Respondents, and to Enhance the Response Categories for the “Care Who Wins” Question

Part 1: Dropping a Follow-Up on the “Duty to Vote” Question

In a 2010 proposal to ANES, I documented the longstanding importance of “civic duty” in the literature on turnout, and I proposed a new question written by Andre Blais. The idea was to replace the old ANES versions that were used, beginning in the 1950s, and then were eventually dropped. We showed that the new question had worked well in other surveys, including the 2008 CCAP, with high over-time reliability and a powerful impact on turnout. Our proposal was accepted (as it has been in several national election surveys in other countries), and the 2012 ANES included a version of it. The purpose of this proposal is to review the success of that new question and to propose dropping the follow-up question for some respondents.

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